Cyber Landscape

The number and severity of cyberattacks continues to increase. Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes are discovering how unprepared they are to fight off this growing menace. Governments are scrambling to craft far-reaching laws and regulations to protect constituents.

Few companies are fully prepared. Many mistakenly believe their managed services agreement with their IT vendor is all they need. Others are taking a more cavalier approach, thinking it will never happen to them; or cybercriminals will select some other, more lucrative target.

When it happens the hard, costly truth comes crashing down.

Cost of a Breach

The average cost for a breach is now $7 million, up 20% in three years. Keep this in mind, however; a $7 million-dollar breach to a $20 billion company won’t have the same impact as a $500,000 breach to a $10 million company. A relatively contained breach can put a smaller company out of business.

The costs of a breach can include:

  • Managing the breach itself, including lost productivity
  • Implementing the correct security measures
  • Lost customers, sales, or AUM (Assets Under Management)
  • Legal fees and lawsuit damages
  • Fines and restitution from governmental entities
  • The literal costs of providing LifeLock-type monitoring for every customer impacted

Good news: It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Innovative CyberSolution

A business can dramatically lower its risk profile with the right preventative measures. But the organization must also ensure those measures are maintained while adapting to the constantly evolving cyber threat and regulatory environment. We have the answer.

Innovative CyberSolutions has developed a four-pronged, integrated program to help you accomplish the necessary IT, Legal, Cultural, and Communications requirements.

IT follows a 10-step cybersecurity framework to ensure every business process is included. The completed framework also assists organizations in adhering to compliance requirements:

  • IT governance
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • IT auditing
  • Risk management
  • Protection against emerging cyber threats
  • Policy creation/review
  • Information assurance management.

Legal includes an awareness of the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to your company. This includes the organizational safeguards that must be in place and how the business should respond if there is a breach or cyber incident.

All 50 states now require that all operating businesses must be able to report a breach in a timely manner and provide breach notifications to their customers.

Cultural addresses the need for a highly functioning, accountable leadership team building a ‘Culture of Compliance’ at every level of the organization. This requires a true change-management, behavior-based effort to succeed.

A culture of compliance  results in increased accountability and knowledge-based confidence throughout the organization. The likelihood of foolish mistakes triggering an incident and making it worse are vastly reduced.

Communications addresses internal and external incident-related, reactive communications and strength-based, proactive communications.

Employees and staff must be kept updated on management’s strategy and tactics to stay ahead of the threat environment.  They must also continually be educated on the evolving nature of cyber threats to develop and maintain a culture of cyber-readiness.

The organization’s new culture of compliance and cyber-readiness are sources of competitive advantage and marketable commodities.

  • Clients, prospects, and business partners are reminded of the steps you’ve taken.
  • Clients are reassured you are a trustworthy resource and will keep working with you.
  • Prospects will value your preparedness, particularly in contrast to the competition, making them more likely to come to you.
  • Business partners, concerned about the potential impact of a breach to their operations and their brand, will be willing to continue to work with you.

Cyber Security Event

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Innovative CyberSolutions delivers on all four pillars. More than just IT, more than just legal counsel, our team draws upon leading experts in each discipline to not only help you manage through a breach event, but help you build a breach-ready, breach-safe, and marketable culture of compliance for your organization.

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